Thursday, March 23, 2006

American CPT Hostage Tom Fox Murdered--March 10th

Tom was not seen in a video from the 'Swords of Righteousness Brigade' released March Seventh by Al-Jazeera. Today the FBI says that Tom was murdered. His body found shot on the streets of Baghdad.

Tom and three others were abducted from the same mosque as Giulana Sgrena. Like the communist journalist, they were at the mosque gathering information on alleged 'war crimes' committed by U.S. troops in Iraq.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Norman Kember, 2 Canadians, One American Taken hostage in Iraq

British born peace activist Norman Kember has been taken hostage in Iraq along with 2 unnamed Canadian and an unknown American.

What do Giuliana Sgrena and abducted 'humanitarian' worker Norman Kember (pictured right at a Hiroshima memorial) have in common?

Both went to Iraq to promote "peace".

Both decided to work for "peace" by documenting allegations of prisoner abuse and mass-murder by American forces in Fallujah.

Both thought it would be a good idea to meet with 'victims' of America and that their sympathies with the 'resistance' would make them immune.

Both ended up being taken hostage by the 'resistance'.

Our deepest sympathies are with Norman Kember and the American and two Canadians taken hostage with him. But, wasn't it a little foolish to believe your own rhetoric? The U.S. military is in Iraq to help the Iraqis. If civilians are killed or innocents detained by the U.S., these are regretful mistakes. Errors made in the fog of war.

But when the so-called insurgents kill civilians and take hostages--only to murder them later by proclaiming them guilty of violating Islamic law--they do this on purpose.

It is the policy of the United States of America and Great Britain to avoid civilian casualties when possible. It is the policy of al Qaeda and other mujahidin forces in Iraq to kill civilians, on purpose, when such civilians are deemed too eager to help rebuild that country.

For the peace activists of the Left, there is no distinction between an American soldier and an al Qaeda in Iraq suicide-bomber.

That distinction should be clear now to Norman Kember and the other victims of jihadi fanaticism in Iraq.

We pray for their safe return.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More Important Information About Giuliana Sgrena

Iraqis: Italians Not Cooperating in Sgrena Investigation

So, the Italians pay ransom for the release of a woman who was in no danger of being harmed. The money is used by insurgents to buy weapons to kill Italians. Italy not cooperating in finding Giuliana Sgrena's captors. Italians announce withdrawal from Iraq. Sgrena's captors use money to kill Americans instead. I'm speechless..... MORE

Sgrena's Mission Accomplished: Italy to Withdraw Troops

Giuliana Sgrena Admits Hostage Hoax

She did suggest that she appeal to the Italian people to demonstrate in favour of a withdrawal of the country’s 3,000 troops. MORE

Giuliana Sgrena's Lies, Inconsistencies, and Treason

Giuliana Sgrena's version of events leading up to the death of Italian secret service agent Nicola Calipari are inconsistent and just don't add up when compared with the physical evidence. But Sgrena's crimes are far worse than the minor infraction of being a propagandist with a political axe to grind against the US. Giuliana Sgrena is a traitor to the Italian people. While Italian troops were in a shooting war with Iraqi insurgents, Sgrena worked to bolster the spirits of those attempting to kill her fellow citizens. An Italian Tokyo Rose, Sgena used the tools of her trade to undermine the morale of Italian soldiers and bolster the spirits of the terrorist forces they were fighting.

Was Giuliana Sgrena a neutral observer reporting both sides of the conflict or was she actively working to undermine Italian efforts in Iraq?...MORE

Images of Sgrena's Car (Updated-now fortified with essential Sgrena lies!)

Italian television station Tg1 is running images of a car purported to be the one used by Giuliana Sgrena. If accurate, the condition of the car would also directly contradict the story told by Sgrena in which she claimed 300-400 bullets were fired, one of which hit Italian secret-service agent Nicola Calipari. Images of car here.

Sgrena's Fallujah vs. US Marines' Fallujah

Earlier I reported on Giuliana Sgrena's version of Fallujah. She called the Marine invasion of that city a 'massacre' and accused the Marines of dropping napalm on civilians. MORE

Giuliana Sgrena's Blood Libel Against the US

Giuliana Sgrena is a propagandist for the Communist daily rag Il Manifesto. Her writings do not reveal a bias, they reveal that Sgrena is an enemy of the United States of America and responsible for supporting terrorists and the murder of American soldiers and civilians.

She accuses the US of complicity in mass murder, the use of napalm on civilians, the targetting of journalists, and the torture of children.

Since the MSM has now reduced itself to reporting Sgrena's contradictory stories as fact, shouldn't we be examaning he track record?

One of Giuliana's friends dropped us a line and assured us that Sgrena is above reproach.

The following is evidence that Sgrena is a lying propagandist who issued blood lible reports. Her reports are so disgusting that a reader of them, if they were to be believed, would be morally bound to fight the US....MORE

Giuliana Sgrena Admits to Helping Terrorists, Lies About Shooting (UPDATED)

Sgrena admits she was never in danger and contradicts herself in different stories of the shooting incident...MORE

Friday, March 04, 2005

Giuliana Sgrena has been freed!!!